About Us

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of passionate travelers and traveling experts who are devoted to sharing little-known deals and discounts on airfares. Our mission is to help explorers and globetrotters see more of the world without breaking the bank.

What We Do

We search the web for flight deals and error fares to every destination imaginable. Our team spends hours everyday doing this so that our users don’t have to do the legwork. Because flight deals and error fares tend to expire quickly, we immediately notify our members and mailing list subscribers so they can decide whether they should take the deal.

How Our Website Makes Money

We have affiliate links to travel providers that our users might choose. When one of our users complete a purchase, the respective travel provider will provide us a small commission.

Our Team Experts

Kevin Wayne (Flight Expert)Kevin has a knack for translating complex jargon and industry-specific terminology into simple terms. He interprets complex deals and marketing promotions to help our subscribers save money on their fares


Vivienne McCall (Flight Expert)Vivienne has more than 8 years of experience in travel and tourism. Because of her burning desire to help other travelers find cheaper ways to travel, Vivienne scours the web daily for great flight deals and error fares.